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Charlie Gorman's Wake: Look through the eyes of an Irish bartender at a small Irish pub outside of Dublin. First a play and now a film by Irish Writer/Director Paul Pender. 

Runaway Cow: A comedic drama about unintended consequences.

Chaloner Children's Charity: Uganda: Every child deserves the chance to go to school. Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada focuses on providing and supporting education initiatives to children living in some of the poorest and most disadvantaged countries in the world. 

Chaloner Children's Charity: Sierra Leone: Chaloner Children’s Charity Canada (CCCC) is responsible for each school’s start-up costs and works with local partners to ensure the schools remain running. Our approach works because of our close connections with each community and frequent site visits, that assure funds are used on the ground and making the greatest impact to those in need.

Fighting Chance: Bravery, trauma and resilience are all captured in this music video following a vet returning from war only to be confronted with the demons that follow him home. The montage of footage appeals to viewers’ multiple senses, inciting pain, gratitude and hope all at once.

Parts of You: Be swept away in this eclectic dance film portraying a couple finding and losing one another. The scenic backdrop of a windy beach, a dark night and a damp, rainy afternoon captures the sometimes mundane, oftentimes fiery passion, of relationships.

Small Multiples: Get an inside look into the music of Small Multiples, from the studio and their collaboration with singer Leah Siegel.

Behind the Scenes with Goodnight Blue Moon: New Haven's premier post-apocalyptic bluegrass band Goodnight Blue Moon reminisces on their origins and influences while playing clips from their first album How Long.

Behind the Scenes with Crunchhouse: DIY will never die! New Haven rapper and Crunchhouse co-founder Old Self takes us on a tour of Connecticut's best DIY music venue with live performances by Political Animals, Milo and Jon "The Verbal Surgeon" Wilson.

Find Myself: A visually stunning music video where lights, color and special effects draw the viewer into the world of the singer. Visual risk taking at its finest.

Evolution's Purpose: Watch the music of Astor Piazzolla come to life in this rhythmic, heart catching celebration of dance, music and film. Set to Piazzolla’s "History of the Tango", this short film captures the sound of live musicians and the fluid movement of dancers from multiple perspectives. 

The Cover-Up: What happens when young girls are at the mercy of social media perfection? The Cover Up brings attention to the masks girls and women wear in order to fit in. With music and spoken word, this video highlights their internal struggles and draws viewers into the search for acceptance.

The Five Buddhas: Many of the ingredients used to create incense have been used in the art of painting and were part of the first experiments in photography. French Canadian Artist Yves O'Reilly uses resins, gums and herbs to make aromas and creates in situ installations in which one can immerse oneself.

Climate Crisis: “Climate Crisis” charts the growth of climate activism, from Greta Thunberg’s voyage across the Atlantic and the global Climate Strike to the local activities of the Sunrise Movement and other concerned residents of Connecticut fighting for clean water.

Black Atlantic: This is the chronicle of the Black Atlantic militia, a dedicated and disreputable band of paramilitaries in the midst of a major field op who find the tables turned when a shadowy nemesis seeks revenge. 

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