How to Schedule and Stream a Zoom Meeting to Facebook Live in Five Easy Steps

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Given the constraints caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, millions of people are spending more time on Facebook building networks to stay connected. Businesses and brands have an audience with limited mobility and more time available for the world at their fingertips. Moreover, with the ease of use of social platforms and the availability of applications like Zoom, they can easily broadcast to a hungry video market globally.

With potential customers stuck in quarantine, businesses and brands are turning to Zoom to Facebook Live streams to acquire more engagement and build their online brands faster. The video production experts at Regional Productions can help you develop the kind of live content your audience will relate to so you can take full advantage of the medium, but if you’re ready “Go Live” now, here’s how to schedule and stream a Zoom meeting to Facebook Live in five easy steps.

1. Enable live streaming

Go to the Zoom application, and on the sidebar menu, click “Settings,” then “In Meeting (Advanced).” Under the “Meetings” submenu, turn the switch to “Allow Live Streaming Meetings” and check the boxes for Facebook, Workplace by Facebook, and Custom Live Streaming.

2. Schedule your live event on Facebook

The next step is to go to Facebook and schedule your Facebook Live event. To do this, choose “Live Video” in your status bar on the page where you want the meeting to appear, click “Connect,” and schedule your event’s time and date.

3. Capture the live stream details

Now, navigate to the “Go Live” announcement on your Facebook page where your live stream will appear and click “Edit Your Details” to access the Stream Key, Stream URL, and Live Streaming Page URL.

4. Configure your live stream settings

To initiate the configuration, go back to Zoom, schedule and save your meeting to access your live stream settings. Click on the scheduled meeting, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click “configure live stream settings.” Add your Stream Key, Stream URL, and Live Streaming Page URL from Facebook in the pop-up window.

5. Start your live event

Finally, to stream your event, you’ll need to start your Zoom meeting a few minutes early, and under “More” on the menu bar in the footer, click “Live on Facebook” to access your scheduled Facebook Live event. If your screen freezes during the process, you may need to clear the cache under your browser settings.

For more tips on hosting live video events and developing promotional content, reach out to Regional Productions, a video production company in Middletown, CT. We’ll help you bring your ideas to engage customers to life. Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses to produce innovative, engaging content strategies to boost their brands and educate their target audiences.

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