Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make with Facebook Advertising

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Facebook Business Advertising is a powerful, online solution for running your media campaigns from desktop or mobile. Its difficult to navigate but easy-to-use interface and flexibility allow businesses to choose a format based on their objectives and target specific audiences that meet their buyer criteria. 

If you’ve already spent a significant amount of time, effort, and money on Facebook advertising and are wondering why you haven’t seen an increase in traffic or conversions, it may be related to how you’re using the platform. 

To help you avoid some some of the pitfalls and reap the benefits of advertising your business on Facebook, Regional Productions has compiled a list of the most common mistakes people make with Facebook advertising.

1. Boosting posts on Facebook

Oftentimes, small business owners believe that by boosting posts on Facebook, they will increase sales. They put some of their advertising budget into boosting posts and their reach may increase significantly but their sales remain flat, leading them to believe that they’re wasting time and money on the platform. It’s unfortunate because a few small edits could make the difference between single digit sales or a thriving online business that shows a real return on investment for advertising dollars.

2. Not using tools offered by Facebook for Business

Most small businesses don’t take advantage of the powerful tools that Facebook for Business has to offer. Depending on a small business owner’s level of experience with Facebook advertising, they could be missing out on Facebook’s muscular audience management toolset. Facebook provides some basic options for advertising from their newsfeed and settings, but the Facebook Business Manager gives you access to audience development and ad reporting that isn’t available from your main page.

3. Failing to assess your audience

Small business owners who aren’t leveraging marketing tools that help them assess their audience are missing out on the thousands of potential buyers who are looking for their products at any given moment. As an advertiser, you can pinpoint your customers geographically, demographically, and most importantly, by previous buying habits. A small business can build a sympathetic list of leads based on its existing customer base or focus on testing to develop new avenues for profit.

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